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Thales Math Museum has various materials, appropriate for different cognitive levels from primary-level to high-level math. As Thales Math Museum, we address all people above 3rd grade, aaim to train visitors to enhance the sense of math by using their imagination. For primary school, there are workshops and mathematical games and for the higher level, there are laboratory-aided training.

According to the curriculum prepared by Ministry of National Education, we designed materials about probability, Pascal's triangle, series expansions, the summation of consecutive numbers, parabola, prime numbers, perimeter-radius relationship, cylinder-radius relationship, geometrical proof of perfect square expansions etc. We demonstrate the mathematical concepts in daily life, such as golden ratio, four colors problem, angle-mirror relation, secret of the manhole cover shape, bridge of Sinan the Architect, perspective, Caesar encrypting and various logical games.

For primary level students, there are 1.5-hour workshop applications with fun and joy, for a higher level, there are 2-hour guide-supported training tours. There is also Imaginary Exhibition in the laboratory included algebraic surfaces with the equations. In this laboratory, we support undergraduate and graduate education by generating topological surfaces of their own equations.

In addition, in the I.Q. Center Outdoor Science Park which is the biggest in Europe, we apply the borderless education system practices in Scandinavian countries. In the Outdoor Science Park, we are creating more independent education atmosphere, and preventing theoretical and memorization approaches.

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Tales Math Museum