The First and Only

Math Museum of Turkey

We are inviting you to touch math in the first
and only math museum of Turkey.

We are creating a new approach

with Tales Math Museum.

In the museum, visiters find alternative solutions for a problem,
express themselves in a logical way and develop their "mathematical thinking" skills.

Tales Math Museum,

In Thales Math Museum, we are telling stories about pi number, binary system, impossible triangle, Leonardo da Vinci bridge, four colors problem, topological knots, area-radius and perimeter-radius relations, symmetry, Pythagorean theorem, game theory of John Nash and mysteries of Mimar Sinan’s structures etc. People can touch and see the concrete math.

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In Tales Math Museum, you can discover, and perceive the World of math by observing and touching.

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0 256 219 22 87


Başak Koleji Kampüsü - Zeybek Mah. Arıkbaşı Mevkii AYDIN

Tales Math Museum